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Al Mithaq

Limousine Services

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Al Mithaq
Limousine Services

  • A leading limousine services company

  • First-class luxury car services.

  • Enjoy our services with a variety of the latest types of cars all our chauffeurs are professional, well-trained and are always courteous.

  • We have a fleet of luxury sedans, vans, minibuses, buses, air-conditioned cars, and professional chauffeurs.

  • Alexandria limousine.

  • Borg El Arab Airport limousine.

  • Cairo airport limousine.

  • Limousine North Coast.

  • Morsi Matrouh limousine.

  • Cairo limousine.

  • Al Rehab limousine.

  • Sheikh Zayed Limousine.

  • Smart Village limousine.

  • Marina limousine.

  • Airport limousine.

  • Alexandria / Cairo limousine

  • Borg El Arab Airport limousine service.

  • Cairo International Airport limousine service.

  • Mercedes Cairo Airport.

  • Airport limousine reservation

  • Hurghada limousine reservation.

  • Mercedes car with chuffer.

  • Sharm El-Sheikh limousine reservation

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Our services cover all governorates,
a fleet of different types and sizes

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