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About Us



  • Provide you with a convenient, safe and reliable transportation services, we can reach the customer quickly, anywhere and at any time. Al Mithaq entire fleet is modern, comfortable to provide clients with an excellent ride experience from start to finish.


About Us

  • Al Mithaq Company for Limousine Services provides you with high quality limousine services that suit your needs. Al Mithaq is the most suitable company in terms of accuracy, quality and prices.

  • We provide you with high quality services; your safety is our main mission.

  • We provide offers that suit all levels, whether individuals or companies.


Why Al Mithaq?

  • 24 hours services.

  • A fleet of modern cars.

  • Our fleet equipped with a speed limiting device to ensure the safety of passengers.

  • Special prices for companies and individuals for long and short periods renting for different types of cars.

  • Your comfort and security is our priority through a team of drivers who have full knowledge of the different roads within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

  • After each trip, all our vehicles are rigorously cleaned and disinfected

  • We have different car types (Elantra - Toyota - Kia Kranz - Mercedes).

  • Limousine service to anywhere in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

  • Online booking and payment.

Limousine services

  • Cairo limousine

  • Egypt limousine.

  • Alexandria limousine.

  • Sharm El Sheikh Airport limousine

  • Marina North Coast limousine

  • Marassi North Coast limousine

  • Sidi Abdel Rahman limousine.

  • Porto Marina limousine

  • Suez limousine.

  • Ain Sokhna limousine.

  • My city limousine.

  • Al Rehab City limousine

  • Sheikh Zayed limousine.

  • 6th of October limousine

  • Giza limousine

  • Airport limousine.

  • Hurghada limousine.

  • Sharm El Sheikh limousine

  • Airport limousine booking.

We provide you with everything from cars that is comfortable, fast, and high-end vehicles, in addition to the best drivers we have.

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