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Airport limousine
and trips

  • Al Mithaq Limousine Company for airport limousine and trips is one of the largest limousine companies in the Middle East.

  • We offer an integrated limousine service within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

  • As soon as you arrive at all Egyptian airports, you will find Al Mithaq Limousine Company staff at your service. Our licensed chauffeurs are fluent in all languages for easy and fast dealing with all our customers.


Limousine Between Provinces

  • Al-Methaq Company provides you with limousines transport services by from and to any governorate within the Arab Republic of Egypt, you can book a latest limousine car online.

Limousine services for trips and passengers cars

  • It offers a wide range of tourist transportation services and Toyota Hiacevan reservations to cover all destinations throughout the Republic.

  • We offer transportation in an air-conditioned tourist van such as Toyota Hiace Van for families to all tourist destinations (Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Ain Sukhna, Luxor and Aswan). The service also includes transportation between all governorates.

  • Corporate transportation, wedding services, events and conferences

  • A fleet of modern, comfortable and well-equipped with all the technology necessary driven by a fleet of quality chauffeurs that can accommodate all your ground transportation requirements and at the lowest prices.


VIP limousine services

  • We are pleased to serve businessmen and provide them with transportation services to all governorates. Once you choose our VIP limousine service, we will provide you with an experienced chauffeur, who has full knowledge of the different roads within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

  • Our extensive fleet includes Mercedes cars and many other car types in order to provide a unique VIP limousine service. We offer the perfect selection to suit their needs.

Events and Conferences

  • We specialize in delivering the best in event and conference transportation. We are pleased to cooperate with conference and festival organizers to cover their events, and help them ensure that their guests' transfers are comfortable.

  • We have a fleet always ready to support conference organizers who need transportation from and to all governorates and from the airport to the residence, from the residence to the conference venue as well.

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