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  • Al Mithaq Company for Limousine Services provides transportation services to individuals, companies and institutions.

  • The company owns a fleet of luxury and modern cars, The Company offers its services within the Arab Republic of Egypt through its branches located in all the airports and governorates of Egypt.


Borg El Arab International Airport Limousine

  • Al-Methaq Limousine Services Company provides special services to Borg El Arab International Airport due to its importance.

  • Call us before your flight, and we will be there to take you to the airport.

  • Equipped and safe cars, the drivers have full knowledge of the different roads within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

  • Transfer and pickup service from Cairo and Borg El Arab airport to all governorates and vice versa.

Cairo International Airport Limousine

  • We offer the best prices and the latest limousines cars in Egypt, especially if you are looking to rent a car with driver in Egypt, or any car rental office.

  • We provide our customers with first class limousine service to Cairo International Airport, market’s latest models of luxury vehicles and highly qualified premium chauffeurs.


Hurghada International Airport Limousine

  • Al Mithaq Company for Limousine Services is the fastest and most modern limousine company that provides a distinguished fleet of limousines services from Hurghada to Cairo and Alexandria.

  • Transfer service from Hurghada International Airport to all parts of the Republic.

  • You can dispense the traditional airport taxi with any of Al Mitahq company for Limousine services with higher provided services.

  • We provide you with a luxury limousine service with the latest vehicles models, and the cheapest prices from Cairo Airport to Hurghada, choose your favorite car.

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport Limousine

  • Al Mithaq Company entire fleet is modern, comfortable and well-equipped with all the technology necessary to provide clients with an excellent experience from start to finish. We offer the perfect selection to suit your needs in terms of prices and service.

  • The company is keen to study the requirements of new customers, as the company updates and renews according to the requirements of customers and the labor market.

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